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New treatment of leachate of urban and rural household garbage


  The leachate treatment of urban and rural household garbage has always been one of the key problems in environmental protection。The composition of domestic garbage leachate is complex, which generally contains COD, BOD, microorganisms, metal ions, organic matter, suspended matter, etc. It is very difficult to treat high-concentration organic wastewater。

  Treatment of domestic garbage leachate is not an easy thing, conventional filtration, biological decomposition, biochemical precipitation and other ways can not effectively remove the pollution components, and the efficiency is not high, cost and energy are very large。It is suggested to adopt landfill leachate treatment equipment to solve the problem of domestic garbage leachate pollution。

  The process design of landfill leachate treatment equipment is excellent, and DTRO membrane is its core technical advantage。DTRO membrane is a membrane element specially designed for the treatment of difficult wastewater,Strong resistance to high pressure, pollution, high TDS and high COD,The effluent energy consumption is low, the effluent quality is stable, and the impact resistance is strong,The effluent can meet the standard of "Domestic Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" (GB16889-2008)。

  Landfill leachate treatment equipment does not rely on pretreatment when treating leachate, it has a wide flow channel, the filtrate can form turbulence, pollutants are easy to remove, the channel is not easy to block, and the replacement cycle is long。The landfill leachate treatment equipment is convenient to install, occupies a small space, and can effectively improve the utilization rate of space and improve the treatment efficiency。In operation, it is very low energy consumption, but also to achieve a high degree of automatic operation, PLC control can achieve one-click start and stop and emergency automatic shutdown, convenient operation, save manpower investment。

Landfill leachate treatment equipment

  The landfill leachate treatment equipment equipped with DTRO membrane also has these advantages:

  1.Can withstand high operating pressure, high concentration rate;

  2.Compact structure, small size, easy to maintain and manage;

  3.DTRO film has high flux, strong anti-fouling and long service life。

  In a word, adoptLandfill leachate treatment equipmentThe treatment of urban and rural household garbage leachate can effectively remove pollutants such as COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, SS and salt contained in the leachate, which is very beneficial to the protection of farmland, soil and water source, and is a great progress in the cause of green environmental protection。

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