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It is said that landfill leachate is difficult to dispose of?DTRO membrane solves the pollution problem easily


  Practice has proved that people's quality of life is directly proportional to the output of garbage。Nowadays, with the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards continue to improve, and the output of garbage is also increasing, which means that the output of landfill leachate treatment is also increasing。

  Traditional landfill leachate treatment processes include activated sludge process, anaerobic and aerobic process, which are developed on the basis of biological treatment methods。The microorganisms in biological treatment will be greatly affected by the water quality and water quantity, and at the same time, the civil engineering is large, the construction period is long, the degree of automation is low, and the operation is not easy, which is easy to cause instability and the effluent water quality is not up to standard。

  Due to the influence of environmental and climatic factors, the water quality characteristics of landfill leachate are different。In the selection of landfill leachate treatment process, not only the quality and quantity of leachate should be considered, but also the water production effect。DTRO membrane technology can not only ensure the effective treatment of leachate, but also ensure the stability and economy of the process。

Landfill leachate treatment equipment

  The application of DTRO membrane in the concentration treatment of leachate can reduce the load of subsequent processes, reduce enterprise investment, and achieve the actual effect of near zero emissions。The treated landfill leachate can meet the discharge standard of "Domestic Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" (GB16889-2008) and meet the requirements of reclaimed water reuse。

  Looking at the status quo of leachate treatment in our country, improving and perfecting the existing treatment technology and developing new technology suitable for our country's national conditions is the work content in the future and even for a long period of time。这是Landfill leachate treatment technologyIt is also the need for the development of human society。DTRO membrane has the advantages of smooth flow channel design, strong anti-pollution ability, independent filter module design, flexible and convenient disassembly and replacement, etc., and has been widely used in landfill leachate treatment。

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