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What will happen to leachate after landfill replaces "garbage mountain"?


  When waste treatment technology is insufficient, it is common to pile garbage in uninhabited open Spaces and mountains。However, as the piles of garbage ferment and decay, harmful substances spread into the surrounding environment along with wind and rain to pollute water and air, which has a negative impact on the health of residents。After the development of landfill, domestic waste has a more sanitary treatment, and the problem of leachate treatment has also followed。

  Landfill leachate mainly comes from the water contained in the garbage itself and the precipitation that seeps into the landfill, which is a kind of high concentration organic wastewater。Landfill leachate contains a large number of organic matter, ammonia nitrogen, microorganisms and other substances that pollute soil and water, and can be treated harmlessly and pollution-free through DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment。

  DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment has the following advantages:

  1.Can withstand high operating pressure, high concentration rate;

  2.Compact structure, small size, easy to maintain and manage;

  3.DTRO film has high flux, strong anti-fouling and long service life;

  4.Can adapt to high turbidity, high COD, high SDI, high salt processing environment, stable operation。

  The DTRO landfill leachate treatment facility does not rely on pretreatment and its open flow channels are capable of handling leachate containing organic matter and suspended solids。The flow channel of the equipment is wide, the leachate can form turbulence in the DTRO membrane column, the pollution is easy to remove, not easy to cause blockage, the replacement cycle is long, and the service life is longer。Secondly, its membrane component assembly is flexible, easy to install indoors, occupies a small area, and is very space-saving。DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment has low energy consumption and low cost, and realizes highly automated operation, which can save labor costs。

  Via DTROLandfill leachate treatment equipmentThe treatment of landfill leachate can effectively remove the pollutants such as COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, SS and salt contained in the leachate, and the effluent can meet the discharge standard of "Domestic Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" (GB16889-2008), and meet the requirements of reclaimed water reuse。For saving water resources, protecting the environment and maintaining ecology, the application prospect of the equipment is very broad, and it can also create more value for production and life。

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