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DTRO membrane landfill leachate treatment equipment


  DTRO membrane technology is a mature technology that can ensure the stability of leachate effluent and continue to meet the national level I or II emission standards。The operation mode of DTRO membrane system is flexible, and the primary and secondary treatment forms can be selected according to the discharge standards required for leachate, and the treated water can ensure that the indicators specified in Table 2 of the national "Domestic Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standards" (GB16889-2008) are met。

  Advantages of DTRO membrane leachate treatment equipment:

  1, does not rely on biological processing。

  2, imported DTRO film production technology, fully automated DT special film production line。

  3, 10 days to the site, 3-5 days trial operation。

  4, concentrated water is not allowed to return to the tank can do subsequent evaporation。

  DTRO membrane landfill leachate treatment equipment Application fields:

  1. Small landfill sites in Northeast, Northwest, Yunnan and other regions。

  2. Landfill sealing project。

  3. Stale landfill restoration project。

  4. Hazardous waste landfill。