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Rental of container leachate treatment equipment


  Product introduction

  DTRO, or dish tube reverse osmosis membrane technology, is a membrane product specially designed to treat difficult wastewater。Used in containerized landfill leachate treatment equipment, wider than rolled membrane flow channels。The surface of the diverter plate of the membrane element is designed with convex points, which makes the material liquid present turbulent state in the flow process, and enhances the anti-pollution ability of the membrane element。

  Product characteristics

  1, the device adopts new technology, compared with the previous generation of products, stronger pollution resistance, longer service life, higher desalination rate。

  2, the use of DTRO membrane device for wastewater treatment, to achieve discharge and reuse standards, this technology is now recognized as a wastewater treatment technology。

  3, the equipment is produced in strict accordance with industry standards, which can be applied to a variety of different complex environments and regional environments, and the equipment has strong mobility。

  4, can be operated at room temperature, water production speed, stable effluent, excellent water quality。

  5, with small size, light weight, occupy an area, easy installation, strong adaptability and other advantages, it can be installed in the factory, but also can be temporarily installed on the site, construction site。

  6, the equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain, high degree of automation, can monitor the water quality and water quantity of the equipment in real time。

  7, professional training guide equipment installation, commissioning, operation。

  Application field

  Landfill leachate treatment, high-difficulty organic wastewater treatment, high-salinity wastewater treatment, high-difficulty chemical wastewater treatment, high-difficulty metallurgical wastewater treatment, high-difficulty electroplating wastewater treatment。

  Lease operation equipment management mode

  1. Personnel:

  Arrange high-quality, experienced personnel management, arrange staff training, improve staff quality。

  2. Technical aspects:

  Strengthen the management of the automatic control system, strengthen the inspection of the site, and ensure the efficient and stable operation of the processing equipment。

  3. Management:

  Establish a quality control system and a quality management system, as well as a safety protection system and a shift system, to ensure the completion of the established tasks of landfill leachate and other important indicators。

  4, process performance:

  The two-stage DTRO system design of disctube reverse osmosis is adopted, and daily monitoring system is established for effluent quality and water production, etc., to strengthen the management of water production。

  5. Maintenance and maintenance:

  Strengthen the maintenance and inspection of the equipment, so that the equipment is running in good condition, and strengthen the safety management of the equipment。