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DTRO disc tube reverse osmosis membrane leachate treatment equipment


  Landfill leachate has complex composition, high concentration of organic matter, high COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen and other characteristics, and contains a variety of heavy metal ions, which will have serious inhibition on the biological treatment process。The effluent water quality of landfill leachate treated by this process meets the index specified in Table 2 of China's "Pollution Control Standard for Domestic Waste Landfill" (GB16889-2008)。

  Leachate treatment equipment using DTRO dish tube reverse osmosis membrane process can obtain good treatment effect,The landfill site depends on the climate (precipitation) and hydrological characteristics of the region,It is also closely related to landfill operating time,The quality of leachate changes continuously,So the treatment of leachate,It is not only necessary to consider the treatment effect of the process method on the leachate,Moreover, it is necessary to consider the adaptability of the process to the change of water quality and water quantity。

  The DTRO dish tube reverse osmosis membrane process has a good adaptability to changes in water quality and water quantity, and can operate stably when its water quality and water quantity change, and the system is strong in scalability, and primary and secondary membrane components can be added according to needs。