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  • DTRO membrane landfill leachate treatment equipment2023-10-13
  • The operation mode of DTRO membrane system is flexible, and the primary and secondary treatment forms can be selected according to the discharge standards required for leachate, and the treated water can ensure that the indicators specified in Table 2 of the national "Domestic Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standards" (GB16889-2008) are met。

  • DTRO Dish tube membrane - landfill leachate treatment system2023-10-13
  • Compared with the traditional process operation, the physical process is the main process of membrane treatment, no phase change, operation at room temperature, strong selectivity, no chemical changes, and strong adaptability。

  • DTRO disc tube reverse osmosis membrane leachate treatment equipment2023-10-13
  • The DTRO dish tube reverse osmosis membrane process has a good adaptability to changes in water quality and water quantity, and can operate stably when its water quality and water quantity change, and the system is strong in scalability, and primary and secondary membrane components can be added according to needs。

  • Rental of container leachate treatment equipment2023-10-13
  • DTRO, or dish tube reverse osmosis membrane technology, is a membrane product specially designed to treat difficult wastewater。Used in containerized landfill leachate treatment equipment, wider than rolled membrane flow channels。The surface of the diverter plate of the membrane element is designed with convex points, which makes the material liquid present turbulent state in the flow process, and enhances the anti-pollution ability of the membrane element。

  • Leachate treatment equipment rental2023-10-13
  • Leachate treatment equipment leasing services can help enterprises save investment, reduce operating costs, reduce unit energy consumption, and obtain high value at low cost through optimized design。

  • Rental of small landfill leachate treatment equipment2023-10-13
  • The landfill leachate treatment equipment rental system is designed according to industry standards, with short commissioning cycle and strong mobility, and can be applied to emergency services, such as emergency treatment of sudden water pollution and natural disasters。Users only need to pay attention to the water production index and water production every day or every week, the equipment is managed by professionals, and the system design meets the overall process needs。