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  • What kind of equipment is used in landfill to treat landfill leachate?2023-10-20
  • DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment as a whole has a strong process, the system is mature and reliable, compact structure, small size, easy to maintain and manage, and can also withstand high operating pressure, so that the concentration rate is greatly improved, and the disposal of landfill leachate is not a problem。

  • Is landfill leachate hazardous waste?How to deal with it?2023-10-14
  • Years of practice have shown that DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment can carry out in-depth treatment of leachate, and it can complete flexible and efficient treatment of landfill leachate without complicated civil engineering in application。

  • Landfill leachate pollution is large, the best way to deal with is?2023-10-10
  • The landfill leachate treatment equipment adopts a two-stage DTRO full membrane system, which can deeply remove the organic pollutants that are difficult to degrade, improve the effluent standard of wastewater treatment, and control the intensity of environmental pollution。

  • DTRO membrane components solve the landfill leachate treatment dilemma2023-08-05
  • Due to improper treatment process, high cost, lax supervision and other reasons, most waste treatment plants cannot treat leachate according to discharge requirements, and even illegal discharge and leakage will occur, so the field of landfill leachate treatment is also Mired in difficulties。